Ammo Can Planters - The Horticult

Herbs, Not Ammo: How to Garden With Ammunition Cans

It’s a powerful thing when an object so often associated with damage and destruction takes on a new, life-giving incarnation. (Emphasis on carnation.

Santa Barbara Orchid Show - 2015 - Featured on The Horticult

Intense Inflorescence: Day Tripping at the 70th Annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Sultry and complicated and scandalously expressive, the orchid has a way of bringing out bee-like behavior in even the most sensible of people.…

36 Hours in Joshua Tree National Park - The Horticult

Desert Flora and Beyond: 10 Tips for a Surreal Joshua Tree Experience

For the weekend we headed east — traded our cushy garden sofa and aloe hammock for a campsite in Joshua Tree National Park.…

All about heirloom seeds with guest blogger Christine Dionese.

All in the Family: How and Why to Start Planting Heirloom Seeds This Spring

In the cycle of challenge/triumph/better-luck-next-time that is gardening, planting seeds has always thrown us for a loop. How can one humble kernel contain so many expectations?

New York Botanical Garden Winter Conservatory Tour - The Horticult

Bromeliads in the Bronx: A Visit to the New York Botanical Garden

Set on 250 acres and home to one million living plants, the New York Botanical Garden is one of our Happy Places even (especially!) during the winter.…

2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

For Your Consideration: We’ve Been Nominated for a ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Blogger Award!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy the blog-reading public: Better Homes and Gardens has named us one of its top 10 garden bloggers of 2015.…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Botany of Desire: 10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With the Plant Lover in Your Life

My co-Hort Ryan and I are feeling rosy right now as we get ready for our (get ready for this:) twelfth Valentine’s Day together this weekend.…

Jennifer Asher featured on the Horticult

Form and Function: At Home With Jennifer Gilbert Asher of TerraSculpture and TerraTrellis

You might remember the interview we did two summers ago with a design hero of ours, the luminous Jennifer Gilbert Asher.…

Desert Botanical Garden and Taliesin West

Postcard From the Sonoran: Tackling Desert and Design in Phoenix

Today I start a new job (!) and have my first big deadline of the semester, and also — what’s that?…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Branches of Government: Tour the Leafy, Prickly Oasis of the U.S. Botanic Garden

Just a few steps from where the State of the Union took place this week, you will find rainforest blooms, desert cacti, Midatlantic natives and Jurassic Era cycads growing together in fragrant, productive harmony.…