Desert Botanical Garden and Taliesin West

Sonoran Super Bowl: Tackling Desert and Design in Phoenix

Today I start a new job (!) and have my first big deadline of the semester, and also — what’s that?…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Branches of Government: Tour the Leafy, Prickly Oasis of the U.S. Botanic Garden

Just a few steps from where the State of the Union took place this week, you will find rainforest blooms, desert cacti, Midatlantic natives and Jurassic Era cycads growing together in fragrant, productive harmony.…

Store Photo by Ryan Benoit; Satoshi Kawamoto Photo Courtesy of Green Fingers

Where Fern Meets Fashion: The Secret-Garden Installations of Satoshi Kawamoto

Sometimes you don’t realize how starved a space is for plants until you throw one into the mix. (Where have you been all my life?

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Pansies on Pennsylvania: The Winter Street Flowers of Washington, DC

It’s great to be back from winter recess. We took a long one this year — saw our families in DC and New York, and today I finish my third (out of five!) residencies at Warren Wilson College, where I’m getting my MFA in fiction writing.…

Tree photo by Neil Howard, Garden photos by Ryan Benoit

Kiss and Tell: What You Might Not Know About Mistletoe

In this season of highly electrified plants — when any branch that can hold a string of lights gets lit — mistletoe generates its own spark.…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Wake Up and Smell the Succulents: Building a Living Table for Bird Rock Coffee

Let’s just say that Ryan Benoit, my partner-in-everything-actually, brings a lot to the table. Among them: plants.

You might already know that he’s been designing beautiful living tables for some time now.…

Wreath photos Excerpted from The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2014. Photographs by Paige Green.

Swirl Tour: ‘The Wreath Recipe Book’ Shows How to Make Hort Décor for the Holidays (and Beyond!)

At some point in recent years, the wreath took a leap. It jumped from boilerplate purchase of holiday decor to an ecstatic swirl of seasonal plants.…

Natalie Bessell - Garden Studio Tour - Featured on The Horticult

Artist in Residence: Take a Tour of Natalie Bessell’s Sky-High Garden and Studio

In terms of landscape juju, the iconic California canyon home occupies a wavelength all its own. Its mystique is tied to the idea of backyard as wildlife theater, and to the feeling you get there — a gravity-defying feeling that is, somehow, also very down-to-earth.…

Gifts for Garden Lovers: Check Out Our Holiday Collection on Houzz!

Wondering what to give the plant lover in your life? Well, we have some ideas.

In fact, we have an ideabook full of ideas.…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Ornamental Garden: Trimming the Tree, an Air Plant Angel and…Cue the Christmas Cactus!

Here we are again. It’s that time of year when the air is spiced, the homes (and hearts) grow warmer, and we spend countless hours stalking our friends’ Instagram photos for gift ideas.…