CHERRY BLOSSOM PHOTO BY Gray Lensman QX! AND  Bloemencorso PHOTO BY Behrooz Nobakht - FLICKR
CHERRY BLOSSOM PHOTO BY Gray Lensman QX! AND Bloemencorso PHOTO BY Behrooz Nobakht - FLICKR
Spicey Paloma Recipe - The Horticult

We’ve Been Drinking: ‘The Spicy Paloma’ for Cinco de Mayo (and Beyond)

Grapefruit season’s winding down, and pepper season’s kicking up! And so our thoughts turn to where these two ingredients intersect best: inside the spicy paloma cocktail.…

Photos by Tim King and Ryan Benoit

Portable and Practical: A New Way to Build Raised Garden Beds

This spring, we’ve been busy changing up a few things in our garden — and jumping into some fresh new design projects!…

Art Alive 2015 - San Diego Museum of Art Rotunda Preview with Designer René van Rems

‘Art Alive’ 2015: A Rotunda Preview With Designer René van Rems

What happens when you get flowers and artists (and admirers of both) into a room, add tequila and stir?

Art Alive, of course.…

Our Fabulous Fig - The Horticult

Fiddle Leaf Fig Under the Roof: We Finally Get the Internet’s Favorite Houseplant

Kind of hard to believe we haven’t talked about this yet. About…you now…the fig thing. Nah, not those figs.…

CHERRY BLOSSOM PHOTO BY Gray Lensman QX! AND  Bloemencorso PHOTO BY Behrooz Nobakht - FLICKR

Flower Fests: Springtime Celebrations Around the World

Winter in our neck of the woods may be mild beyond belief, but we don’t take spring for granted. Not only is spring equinox our blog-erversary, we’re excited for warm vibes to light up the cooler areas of the country and the world, because those regions go all out with events to celebrate the return of beloved blossoms.…

Garden Tribe - Featured on The Horticult

Grow Pro: The Classes of ‘Garden Tribe’ Let You Learn From the Legends

The scent of soil, the feel of damp roots between your fingers, the taste of a guava flower as it dissolves on your tongue — on every level, gardening is pure therapy.…

Photos by Ryan Benoit

‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Blogger Awards: The Results Are In!

Monday morning on Twitter, across 45 extremely suspenseful minutes, Better Homes and Gardens announced the winners of its 2015 Blogger Awards.…

Office Plants - The Horticult

Gardening 9 to 5: The Office Gets a Plant Makeover!

We’ve long suspected it…and now it’s been backed by science: that plants boost productivity. Yes, according to a study published last year, adding a ruffly fiddle leaf fig to your cubicle or a zamioculcas to your desktop could increase your creative output — and your happiness — by up to 15 percent.…

Ammo Can Planters - The Horticult

Herbs, Not Ammo: How to Garden With Ammunition Cans

It’s a powerful thing when an object so often associated with damage and destruction takes on a new, life-giving incarnation. Emphasis on carnation.

Santa Barbara Orchid Show - 2015 - Featured on The Horticult

Intense Inflorescence: Day Tripping at the 70th Annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Sultry and complicated and scandalously expressive, the orchid has a way of bringing out bee-like behavior in even the most sensible of people.…