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Waterwise Botanicals - Fall Garden Party

‘Fall Garden Party’ Recap: Waterwise Botanicals Throws Us Into a Sea of Succulents

If House Horticult had a sigil, it would probably be a succulent. What kind of succulent? We’re not sure yet. And after last Saturday’s visit to Waterwise Botanicals, we’re no closer to making a decision!  …

Hawaii Tropical Botanic Garden Tour

Heliconia Ride: A Visit to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Black lava rocks lying beside bands of turquoise water are right up our (#beachgoth-loving) alley, but after a few days of beach hopping in Kona, we wanted to feel a bit more…ensconced in greenery.…

Eric Buterbaugh Florals - Featured on The Horticult

Makes Scents: Visit Eric Buterbaugh’s Fragrant New L.A. Digs

Florist Eric Buterbaugh is the man who keeps Hollywood in stems. Opulent, modern and rosy, his designs are how fashion and entertainment’s top names (Valentino, Gwyneth, Vuitton) say things like thank you, congrats and let’s party.…

Tillandsia update in our garden - The Horticult

Breathless: An Air Plant Update, and Our eHow Tutorial

So…how’s everyone’s air plants doing?

At friends’ places and on our own homestead, we’ve seen tillandsias run the gamut — ranging from tormented, thirsty, spidery things to ecstatic emerald crowns.…

Monday Motivation: June Gloom Goes Turquoise, Garnishing With Pride, and a Grow-Light Herb Garden (From Paris, Y’all!)

With vacation in the air (insert multi-star emoji), the food is sweeter, the bubbly is bubblier, and Monday feels less Mondayish.…

Check Out Our ‘Gardening Tips for Renters’ Guide on Better Homes & Gardens

We get this question a lot. “Great garden, but why would you invest all this time/money/energy into a place you’re just renting?”

Fair question!…

15th Annual Drought Tolerant Plant Festival - LACSS - The Horticult

Prickly Treat: We Shop (and Shop) at the LACSS Drought-Tolerant Plant Festival

California’s severe drought should be a wakeup call for every babe and babette in our state to take immediate steps to reduce water usage.…

Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla, May 2015 - Garden Number 2 - The Horticult Photo Tour

Esprit de Courtyard: La Jolla Secret Garden Tour, Part Two

Behold — our favorite garden on the tour. How did this home spread its vines in our hearts?

We love this place — one of six stops on the La Jolla Secret Garden Tour; read Part One here — because it’s a living example of how you can add green to a compact space in a way that thrills and surprises at every turn.…

Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla, May 2015 - Garden Number 1 - The Horticult Photo Tour

Mum’s the Word: The La Jolla Secret Garden Tour, Part One

It’s time again for the La Jolla Secret Garden Tour, and this year, we got to attend as guests.

Last year, we were exhibitors.…

Terra Sol Garden Center - The Horticult

Who, What, Rare: Where to Find Hard-to-Find Succulents

(Be sure to check out our Spring 2016 succulent show recaps for more sources and inspiration.)

Instead of meeting for coffee, we met over plants.…