Photos by Hannah Brenlan and Luke Holtgeerts for the Slow Flowers Summit
San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society Show and Sale
Photos by Tim King and Ryan Benoit

Hot Pots: We’re in the April Issue of ‘Better Homes & Gardens’—Out Now!

Sometimes, being on the other side of the camera is a trip.

Better Homes & Gardens magazine approached us to see if we might be interested in being featured in their “I Did It” section.…

Horticulture Skin Care

Garden Glow: Juree Sondker of Horticulture Skin Care on the Powers of ‘Plant Potion’

A few months ago, our friend Juree Sondker launched her beautiful new skincare company, Horticulture. Dig the name, right? Well, wait until you hear about the serum. …

What Plants Grow Surprisingly Well in Containers? On, We Investigate…

Does your patio need more green? Got a bright window that’s all dressed up, but with nothing to grow? This week on, we round up 10 Plants That Grow Surprisingly Well in Containers — from Meyer lemon trees in pots to sidewalk sweet potatoes.…

Euphorbia avasmontana - Succulent table by Ryan Benoit Design

Bloom Alert: Our Centerpiece Euphorbia Lights Up

Shaped like a candelabra, our Euphorbia avasmontana is in bloom. But when we talk about the spectacle, we’re not talking about the flowers (which are too small to be easily seen)—we’re talking about the plant’s cyathia. 

New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

The NYBG Orchid Show: Traveling Back in Time With the World’s Most Adventurous Flower

Orchids are easy to obsess over. Who hasn’t been preoccupied with a phalaenopsis at one point? Had some cattleyas floating around the back of your head?…

A Wilder Life - By Celestine Maddy

What We’re Reading: Celestine Maddy Talks About ‘A Wilder Life’

A little soil can change everything.

“Ask anyone who knew me in my early twenties if they could have imaged I’d grow up to be a champion of the great outdoors,” writes Celestine Maddy in the introduction to A Wilder Life.…

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Escape From New York: A Sizzlin’ Winter Tour of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This #FlashbackFriday we’re taking you all the way back…to December. We were on the East Coast for the holidays. That day we’d gotten coffee at Little Zelda and bagels at Nagle’s Bagels before going to visit my lovely grandmother in Flatbush/Ditmas Park—where she’s lived in the same apartment since the late 1970s!…


A Primrose Primer: Caring for a Collection of Early Bloomers

Who has experience growing primroses? We’re new to the primrose party, but here’s an early observation: They are thirsty beauties.

Housed in the Primula genus, the primrose is a perennial semi-evergreen native to northern Africa and southwestern Asia.…

On Stands Now: Our Feature in ‘Country Gardens’ Magazine

A sign that warmer days are around the corner: the Early Spring 2016 issue of Country Gardens is out! And guess whose L-shaped garden received some love?…

Rosemary hedge

Hedge Space: Rosemary Goes Out, Rosemary Comes In

Last week, I graduated from grad school. And I credit my MFA in large part to…our rosemary.

Out of all the fragrant flora Ryan and I grow, rosemary’s aroma is our favorite.…