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Euphorbia avasmontana - Succulent table by Ryan Benoit Design

Bloom Alert: Our Centerpiece Euphorbia Lights Up

Shaped like a candelabra, our Euphorbia avasmontana is in bloom. But when we talk about the spectacle, we’re not talking about the flowers (which are too small to be easily seen)—we’re talking about the plant’s cyathia. 

Waterwise Botanicals - Fall Garden Party

‘Fall Garden Party’ Recap: Waterwise Botanicals Throws Us Into a Sea of Succulents

If House Horticult had a sigil, it would probably be a succulent. What kind of succulent? We’re not sure yet. And after last Saturday’s visit to Waterwise Botanicals, we’re no closer to making a decision!  …

Two Weddings, a Dutchman’s Pipe and a Thesis!

Where in the world have we been these past few weeks? Good question.

What we thought would be a one-week-or-so-break ended up stretching for a month, and we’re sorry to leave you hanging!…

15th Annual Drought Tolerant Plant Festival - LACSS - The Horticult

Prickly Treat: We Shop (and Shop) at the LACSS Drought-Tolerant Plant Festival

California’s severe drought should be a wakeup call for every babe and babette in our state to take immediate steps to reduce water usage.…

Locals Only: A Surprising Tour of Southern California’s Native Plants

Last weekend we headed up the coast in search of indigenous plants, and were amazed by the colorful diversity we found.…

Entering Cactus Heaven: Inside the Moorten Botanical Garden of Palm Springs

Our first trip to Palm Springs was a revelation, design-wise, for ourselves and for our house and garden.

That was four years ago.…