What Plants Grow Surprisingly Well in Containers? On BHG.com, We Investigate…

Does your patio need more green? Got a bright window that’s all dressed up, but with nothing to grow? This week on BHG.com, we round up 10 Plants That Grow Surprisingly Well in Containers — from Meyer lemon trees in pots to sidewalk sweet potatoes. Our whiskey barrel water lilies also make a cameo. We provide care tips too…so don’t miss it!

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This fig (Ficus carica ‘Petite Negra’) from Logee’s can start fruiting before it reaches a foot tall. Grow it on your balcony or indoors near a sunny window.

  • Tommy Ogren

    I’ve got clay soil here in San Luis Obispo, and the only way I can grow Gardenia plants is to plant them in a pot and keep them in the pot. Put in the ground they just die here.
    The soil in the pot will be mostly peat, so it is acidic, as Gardenia jasminoides likes best….and well drained, too, which is important.

    • Tommy Ogren, you give such great advice. We’re intrigued by your container gardenias — bet they’re beauties.