A Window Opens: Get the Box + Trellis…Inspired by the Book!

When we first set out to write How to Window Box, we wanted to turn the traditional window box model upside down. Or at least, knock it over…so some unnecessary things could fall out. Unnecessary things like: fussy trims. Decorative moulding. The lack of juicy colors!

So, in addition to our darling mini garden arrangements, we made sleek DIY boxes for the pages of our book. Boxes that would gel with a modern home, whether your idea of modern is breezy minimalism or a houseplant jungle, or something in between.

And now one of our ideal designs is on the market!

A maidenhair fern vibes out in its new Bloom Bungalow, in ‘Oxide.’

Pothos vines climb their very own houseplant trellis in ‘Oxide.’

Create a Big Island moment in a box by putting bromeliads in (and on!) the Bloom Bungalow + Trellis in ‘Sunbeam’ and ‘Oxide.’

Jen and Ryan behind the scenes, this time with cyclamens and ficus vines. We LOVE this shade of yellow.

Kitchen herbs sparkle in this stainless steel combo.

We’ve teamed up with our friend Jennifer Gilbert Asher of TerraTrellis—the LA-based visionary brand of functional sculpture—to collaborate on the plant habitat of our dreams. (Remember our first interview with Jen and our tour of her blossomy, sculptural home?)

Introducing the Bloom Bungalow Window Box + Trellis. Now available for purchase in the TerraTrellis shop, this planter is the product of months of designing together, fine tuning, testing, and playing with powdercoat colors in the LA metal shop where TerraTrellis’s collection is manufactured. The result is a window box and trellis in irresistible colors and finishes. For the boxes: cheerful-even-in-the-depths-of-winter shade of yellow, a crisp white, a stainless steel perfect for gourmet kitchens, and an oxidized steel that looks like pure velvet. Choose from attachable/detachable trellises in stainless and oxidized. Get the trellis/box combo, or get just the box

Strawberries in a ‘Cloud’-colored box. You can order your habitat as a trellis/box combo, or get only the box!

Stainless steel trellis.

The gorgeously oxidized steel trellis option.

Air plants, Alocasia ‘Polly,’ begonias, pothos, and calatheas make up a raucous arrangement.

The pieces have a streamlined vibe, but they look and feel—and are—quite sturdy. As for the dimensions, the box is 8″ high x 7.5″ wide x 25″ length, and the trellis is 25″ in height.

You can bolt the trellis inside or outside of the box, and request your box with or without drainage holes. Every order comes with a removable self-watering window box liner to keep the inside of your box rust-free. To that end, we don’t recommend pouring soil into and planting directly inside the main box; instead we encourage the use of this liner or the cache-pot method. Each window box neatly hides three 6”- to 7” plant pots so you can arrange and rearrange your plants as the mood—and the sunlight—strikes.

The Bloom Bungalow dimensions allow for easy cache-potting with your own containers…

…or use the included self-watering window box liner to maintain the beauty of your Bungalow.

Create a wall of air plants by perching them in your trellis. (Or hang up your tools.) Give your herbs a place to grow near your kitchen window or create a 1970s vibe with funky tropicals, complete with a green screen of up-crawling vines. This new design is a wonderful way to create an instant indoor landscape.

Made here in Los Angeles, The Bloom Bungalow Window Box + Trellis retails from $280 for the box only and $360 for the box/trellis combo. (And $310 and $395 respectively for the stainless model.) An investment piece for sure, it’s literally living art.