‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Blogger Awards: The Results Are In!

Monday morning on Twitter, across 45 extremely suspenseful minutes, Better Homes and Gardens announced the winners of its 2015 Blogger Awards. Six colorful and delicious categories were in play: DIY, Decorating, Everyday Eats, Baking, Fashion & Beauty and Gardening.

Thanks for rooting for us! In February we learned we’d been nominated. And Monday morning, BHG tweeted that we’d won Editor’s Pick for gardening! The captivating photos and chronicles of Digging took home the Readers’ Choice award, which was richly deserved.

2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

We’re honored to be in such smart, inventive company. For more about the nominated bloggers, click here.

Since then we’ve been walking on air. Thank you — to our savvy, energetic, generous readers — for your support over these two years. We’ll try not to rest too much on our laurels, but we did drink some prosecco under our tangerine tree to celebrate.

Keep a lookout for the July issue of BHG, where the winning bloggers will be featured!

Oh, and this tree! It’s a pink trumpet tree (Tabebuia impetiginosa) that we thought was perfect for the occasion. Yes…we’re a bit obsessed with this tree.