Call of the Wild(flower): Our First Guest-Blogging Gig!

It’s been an interesting transition, going from fashion writer to garden blogger. Robust dialects must be swapped (the “bold lip” and “statement pump” of Fashion Week have now been replaced by the “zuke hauls” and “biointensive plant spacing” of #gardenchat) and clothing choices must be seriously reconsidered. The latter has been tricky: Dressing appropriately for yard work without looking like something the cat dragged in is easier said than done.

And what about those times when you’re in the garden and not getting dirty, when you’re entertaining among your hydrangeas? When you want to wear something influenced by your landscape — but that’s definitely fancier than disco galoshes?

We addressed this issue in a recent guest post for the luscious and inspiring blog Hi Wildflower. It’s the creation of my dear friend Tanwi Nandini Islam, an outrageously talented Brooklyn-based author whose debut novel comes out next year. When she asked us to send her a meditation on how our garden inspires my fashion choices, we said “yes” immediately. Before you could say “waterwise xeriscaping,” I threw on my favorite rose-print hostess kimono that I found on eBay, and struck a pose by the bromeliad wall.


There would be at least one more Diana Ross-style wardrobe change. Check out the photo-filled Part One, Part Two and Part Three of these Hi Wildflower x The Horticult collaborations, shot by Ryan in various corners of our yard, and edited with love by Tanwi. —TH