Check Out Our ‘Gardening Tips for Renters’ Guide on Better Homes & Gardens

We get this question a lot. “Great garden, but why would you invest all this time/money/energy into a place you’re just renting?”

Fair question! For us (after certain discussions and trust-building with our landlord), we’ve been able to alter the yard in ways that speak to our personalities while also remaining non-permanent. Many of Ryan’s designs are modular and removable, sometimes on wheels. But as far as the horticulture goes, we want to be surrounded by our favorite plants, so we planted them. They make us happy when we come home from work and wake up on the weekends.

Luckily, many garden essentials can be easily installed, uninstalled and U-Hauled to your next home. Which brings us to the “Gardening Tips for Renters” guide we did for Better Homes & Gardens, up now on the magazine’s blog.

We talk containers, plant choice, pavers and more! Check it out.