2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

For Your Consideration: We’ve Been Nominated for a ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Blogger Award!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy the blog-reading public: Better Homes and Gardens has named us one of its top 10 garden bloggers of 2015. It was a huge surprise, and we’re stoked!

You can vote for the #1 spot right…here. (“Gardening” is one of six blogging award categories.)

It’s an honor to be nominated and to be in such creative company. Our fellow honorees include gardeners we’ve read and admired for years, and gardeners we’re just now getting to know.

2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

Gardening will be the featured category the week of March 23. (“Gardening” is one of six categories.)

On Austin-based Digging, surprise sightings (like the first screech owl of the season) mix with the joys of planting, all brought to life by dazzling photography and warm writing. Floret Flowers captures the moment-by-moment wonder (and hard work) of life on a flower farm in the Pacific Northwest, with some very dreamy photographs and dahlias that must be seen to be believed. Fellow Zone 10b blogger Garden Betty is a rock star — from her recipes to the fascinating dispatches from her backyard chicken coop. On Gardening Gone Wild, you’ll find a superblog bursting with words from experts — offering everything from succulent advice to meditations on garden’s intangible benefits. 2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

2015 Blogger Awards - Gardening

Growing With Plants always takes our breath away with its bold POV: from the world-class photography and illustrations to the witty headlines to all the easygoing wisdom. Reading The Gray Boxwood is like wandering around the loveliest, most flower-filled restaurant serving meals fresh from the farm. The Small Town Gardener gives it to you straight, no chaser, with lots of humor and valuable planting tips. Ingenious design intersects with indoor and community gardening, and with whimsical DIY on Urban Gardens. And Urban Organic Gardener shows us how we can all plant — and compost and cold frame — our way to a better world.

Thank you to all our readers for your support over these (just shy of) two years! You can vote for your favorite bloggers in each category through March 30.