Nailed >> – Quick and easy. Joints are likely to separate if the box panels warps when exposed to sun on the outside and moisture on the inside. To minimize warping, paint the box inside and out or install a liner. You can hide the nail heads by using a nail setter. Great for painted indoor boxes exposed to low light.
Screwed >> – Quick and easy. Joints are less likely to separate when exposed to the elements. Screw heads are unattractive so we recommend painting the box if used indoors. Great for outdoor boxes where it will not be examined up close.
Pinned >> – More of a challenge to get the cleanest look. This box will impress and it will last the longest of the three methods. With no visible nail or screw heads it looks great with a stained and/or urethane finish. By going the extra mile to add glue and dowel pins to the joints, you’ll greatly strengthen the box by ensuring better adhesion. This will help prevent the wood from warping or splitting over the years. It makes a great indoor box where it will be viewed up close.

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