Introducing SkyPots®: An all-new way to vertical garden

Updated March 6th, 2021: Order your vertical gardening kits today at

It’s been six years now since we published the original DIY project for Whole Foods’s Dark Rye magazine. The project didn’t even have a name at the time. Better Homes & Gardens then picked it up and took it to another level. It’s been one of our most popular blog posts. But the project…was quite a challenge. There was drilling, there was wrench-turning and even hack-sawing. There had to be a better way.

Introducing SkyPots. With the help of a 3D printer I created a new design that eliminates all the tools. You can now hang your pots to create a one-of-a-kind vertical garden—by hand, within minutes. Plus, I made the kits connectable—so you can truly create a leafy, lively column of greenery (or even a whole wall of plants) on your patio, in your yard, on your balcony, and inside your home.

You can now order your kits at and try out this all-new way to garden!

SkyPots will change the way you look at everyday clay pots. It makes vertical gardening a cinch. (Who hasn’t looked at a vertical garden and thought, Where did they find the time? Now your vertical gardening ideas are literally within reach.) As long as your pot has a center drain hole, it can be hung and connected with a SkyPots kit.

The best part about this new design is that the plants love them! I know this because I’ve been prototyping the new design in The Horticult garden for over a year now. The secret? Clay pots breathe and SkyPots kits drain. Drainage is critical to almost every plant’s survival (except for aquatic plants, of course, and bog-loving carnivores). The problem with most designer hanging planters on the market is that they don’t drain. The plants live and look good for a couple months, maybe, before the inevitable happens — you overwater because the planter lacks drainage. (It’s not your fault; you don’t have x-ray vision to see when you’ve overwatered and flooded out the roots.) Also, and as much as we love macramé, trying to wrestle your houseplant out of a woven nest is enough to make you miss a critical water.

The combinations of plants and pots are limitless. We look forward to seeing how you use them. Prepare to get hooked!

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