THDb: Louisiana Iris ‘Black Gamecock’

AKA: Water iris
Appearance: Tempest in a Dixie cup, the velour coat of arms of the Spears family
Origin: The biggest dreamer of all the bog dwellers, this crinkled darling was the first skinny dipper in New Orleans history
Occupation: Moistening the lapels of prog rockers along the Gulf
Scent: A mature, musky sigh under topnotes of buttered baguette.
Common applications: Anointing debutantes, tickling poodles, financing global fragrance uprisings; use its rhizomes to spy on your enemie
Zones: Went all this way to Galveston for the family reunion only to be ignored by its rich relation, the crocus
Care: Walls off your smokey rituals
Needs: No irony and no acid, either
Cameos: The Man Who Loved Oysters Rockefeller, starring Eva Mendes

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