Autumn Stunners: The Amazing Technicolor Torch Aloe Hedge

Every weekend last summer, as we walked to and from the beach, we’d pass a south-facing succulent tour de force. But this hedge of Aloe arborescens (street name: torch aloe) didn’t really get interesting until November.

Welcome mats, schmelcome mats — by now you know that it’s the welcome plants that are everything to us. And bless the clever devil who chose this drought-resistant rainbow, in lieu of Southern California’s ubiquitous bougainvillea, as their “Come On In” message to the world. During the summer, these torch aloes were green and bloom-less. But as winter approaches and the sun slips further south, the dozens of serrated leaves become suffused with red and release flowers in similarly juicy shades.

Together these lanky blooms resemble a half-lit candelabra.

C shouts, Gangnam style, at these ombré stunners.


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