Backyard Transformation: The Story Behind Our Garden

Over the last nine months, we’ve toured a variety of gardens — from L.A. to Montauk to right down the street — in which we ask people about their VIPs (Very Important Plants), design solutions, and how they entertain outdoors. But when it came to our own garden, we only delivered it in flashes. Until now!

Presenting “The Horticult Garden,” a full-on tour of our outdoor space. This new page tells the story of our garden: the living, breathing, sometimes cranky baby that it is. How we found our place, and the gradual steps we took to make it our own. How we built our own outdoor kitchen and bar. How we turned our yard’s discrete microclimates into outdoor rooms, each with its own style and function — whether we’re entertaining the masses or working from home. How we played a little game called Hide the Stucco. (Which is not as ticklish as it sounds…)


It’s a page that will live on the homepage of the site. Here is where we also introduce you to the plants that first gave us confidence, the plants that challenge us, and the plants that are central to the furniture and landscape concepts that Ryan designs.

And yes, there will be grisly “before” pictures.

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The Horticult Garden transformation

Our side yard before and after.