Trim Your Rosemary Hedge, Watch the Oscars in Your Garden

A rosemary hedge says you’ve planned your garden for years. Besides freshening up the pasta sauce to turn around an afterthought dinner, your hedge will fend off insects and make the breeze smell like bread. Our Tuscan blue rosemary is surviving well in our lime-rich soil, but it hasn’t flowered in three years, which may be a sign of poor drainage and/or root rot (uuggggh).

In other words, rosemary is a great bellwether for the state of your soil. We’ll work on getting better drainage, but in the meantime we’ll dose our hedge with some good compost to see if we can get another hit of those tiny, bluish blooms.


Our original planting back in November 2008.

The rosemary hedge also frames our garden theater quite well. Tonight we’ve watching the Academy Awards in our garden (DVR version of course).  We are excited about Life of Pi, Lincoln and Argo, and also looking forward to a performance by Adele, who turned us upside-down during her performance in the opening credits of Skyfall.  Check back in tomorrow for our recap!


Showing tonight: the Oscars.