Wakeup Call! ‘Sous Style’ Peeps Our Morning Routine

Yesterday we were excited to, well, wake up to the news that we were featured on Sous Style, one of the raddest food and lifestyle sites around. (Hello, Male Monday — need we say more?)

The blog runs a brilliant series known as Wakeup Call, and I’m this week’s subject. What a unique honor it is to report the play-by-play of a good morning — one in which the birds are tweeting (and our own tweets are scheduled), the podcasts are fresh and my workout sneakers practically tie themselves.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 1.05.04 AM


Lassi made with oranges from our tree, coming right up.


Dill gets picked for a breakfast dish…


The morning just isn’t right without our Bird Rock Coffee fix.


Check out the story here, and you’ll see that I only hit snooze once on this gleaming day. I also do TRX push-ups on our guava tree, dropper on some botanical cosmetics, and whip up a fresh-squeezed orange-mango lassi, complete with recipe.

Our friend Tiffany J. Davis, a writer/editor of great talent and distinction, made this story a reality. Better half of The Horticult Ryan Benoit took the photos. Again, it’s a thrill to deadhead poppies alongside people and places like Brooklyn’s Fox Fodder FarmMarawa the Amazing and Beautified’s Hannah Bronfman.

Pinch me, you guys! I think I’m still dreaming.



Post-workout yard work.