Holiday House Zoom event with The Horticult, John deBary, Maneet Chauhan, Ina Garten, Debbie Macomber, Claire Saffitz, R. Eric Thomas

Zoom holiday party: Hey, watch us be Ina Garten’s opening act!

POST-EVENT UPDATE: There was a lot of rehearsing of the word Schlumbergera over and over again on walks, but the event went off like a dream. Ryan did an edible flowers window box and Chantal filled hers with blooming holiday cactus. Check out the live recording

Folks. It’s been A YEAR, a year AND A HALF actually, and the year isn’t even over.

We hope you, yours, and your plants are well. Of course it’s hard not seeing everyone we want to see IRL, but the ways people adapted and got creative — and got more houseplants and pets — it warms the heart. The need for connection is real! This era’s also opened up new ways for events to be accessible. No need to get a Lyft or jump on a plane and book a hotel to attend a festival or conference. That’s one reason we’re excited to take part in this special Holiday House event hosted next week (Wednesday 12/2 and Thursday 12/3) by our publisher, Penguin Random House.

Live via Zoom, baby.

Feel free to show up in a party dress or PJs. Or both? It’s a two-night event!

A meeting about a meeting? Pshh, don’t think so. How about a party about a party??

If you’re hosting a remote Zoom holiday party this season, this party will certainly spice your cider.

Tickets are $20 for a robust lineup and lots of ideas: on the first night, Wednesday night, you’ll get some juicy holiday book recommendations from Penguin Random House CEO Madeline McIntosh and Crown editor-in-chief Gillian Blake, then play a round of holiday movie trivia with the brilliant and hilarious R. Eric Thomas (Here For It). To close, Debbie Macomber (Jingle All The Way) will enchant with a fireside chat.

The second night, Thursday night, will be a demo bonanza. John deBary (Drink What You Want) will whip up a cocktail, Maneet Chauhan (Chaat) will show what to make for dinner, and Claire Saffitz (Dessert Person) what to make for dessert. Then Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit (How to Window Box, hey that’s us!) — we’ll show you how to make a centerpiece in a window box that’ll look vibrant and colorful in person AND on camera.

What kind of plants for our tablescape? Well, that’ll be a surprise. But we promise it’ll be festive and…surprisingly flowery. After our demo, the queen Ina Garten (Modern Comfort Food) will take the Zoom speaker window in conversation with Susan Corcoran, Random House director of publicity. A dialogue that’ll hit the spot, we bet.

It’ll be so nice to share a space with you and add some plants to your holiday plans. Hope you can join us!