Floral Mixtape: How to Say ‘You’re My Best Friend’ in the Language of Flowers

Time for Round Two of Tussie-Mussie Tuesday! Inspired by the Victorian language of flowers, we’re fixing up sweet and simple bouquets that you can give to the beloved buds in your life.

Our last bouquet was all about romance, ranunculus and Mary J. Blige. Today, though — the vibe is slightly more platonic. Inspired by Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend,” we gathered three plants that echo its chummy sentiment. They also join to create an irresistible woodsy-floral scent!

Plus, you may already have one of these plants in your yard…

A swirling, Wurlitzer-powered hit from Queen’s 1975 Night at the Opera, “You’re My Best Friend” was written by bassist John Deacon about his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff.

We heard Freddie Mercury singing in our ear, “You’re the best friend that I ever had/I’ve been with you such a long time” when we were at our local flower shop and found a bunch of purple freesia, flowers that mean “lasting friendship.” From our own garden we snipped a few branches from the melaleuca shrub outside our living room; its myrtle heritage links it to love and joy. (Oops, and marriage! So snip with caution.) Pairs well with “I really love you” and “I’m happy, happy at home.”


From left, melaleuca myrtle, freesia, and rosemary.

Cuttings from our rosemary hedge added remembrance, fidelity and constancy to the mix: swell synergy with the song’s lines “But I still come back to you/In rain or shine” and “You’ve stood by me, girl.”

Put water in a mason jar, do some intuitive arranging, and you’ve got yourself a tussie-mussie that will brighten the day of an unsuspecting ally.