Get the Biggest Aluminum Tree You Can Find, Charlie Brown

This year marks our tenth (!!!!!) Christmas season together.

All the more reason to go over-the-top with our yuletide decor. Before we were even finished eating RB’s pancetta-sage stuffing or C’s pomegranate couscous left over from Thanksgiving, we set out to deck the halls of our house.

Not the most “horticult” thing in the world, but — confession, y’all — our tree is aluminum. It isn’t pink the way Lucy would have wanted it, but it sparkles with a certain space-age romance.

Ornaments include a Rottweiler windchime, a miniature chandelier (hostess gift from our Christmas rager of ’11), and oversized bulbs we stuff between the branches. The paper snowflakes we made a few years ago with some friends one afternoon; now we hang them from the ceiling, a la Buddy the Elf.

Still ISO: a star for the top of our metallic faux-fir. Any suggestions?