Going Glossy: We’re in the New Issue of Riviera Magazine!

Ryan and I are big believers in joining the dirt with the dapper, the glam with the gardening — which is why we are jazzed to be featured in the new issue of Riviera magazine.

Jazzed and honored. The story, written by AnnaMaria Stephens and photographed by Robert Benson, is thoughtful and snappy and yet covers a lot of ground (ahem, no pun intended). Ryan’s furniture designs and our garden are spotlighted, as are our insights into entertaining friends, smelling good, and how our respective aesthetics evolved from their questionable origins. And how those styles sometimes lock horns — guess who’s the messy one?

Okay, enough sizzle. Here’s the steak: Click here to check out the digital edition of the January/February issue, or view the PDF at the bottom of this post.



We love the “Smarty Plants” headline. It was actually while prepping for this shoot that we got the idea to do a seasonal persimmon cocktail like the one that would appear on our winter menu. It was also for this shoot that I squeezed myself into one of the last remaining Isabel Marant for H&M dresses in my size (sort of) for sale within a 100-mile radius.

Happily, this story allowed me to collaborate with a dear friend and former colleague, Riviera San Diego editor-in-chief, the dazzling Gillian Flynn. I worked with Gillian years ago when I was an associate editor for the magazine; from Gillian I learned lifelong lessons in design, travel, writing and overall fabulousness. Not to mention, she can spot a mint-condition Burberry coat inside a vintage store in record time.

In this “Best Of” issue you’ll also find exciting pieces about organic juice company Suja, hip homegrown sunglass brand Raen Optics, handsome new boutique Lone Flag, and CookBook Tavola Calda, a new eatery that puts an modern spin on old-school Italian.

We’re delighted to be in their company. Thank you, AnnaMaria, Robert and Gillian! —TH


Ryan takes center stage above table of contents.


Also happening in our garden this week: our epi orchids have gone to seed.


Our last poppy popped on January 1. It burst so enthusiastically that the sepal got caught on the edge of the petal. Gold for good luck, right?

[gview file=”https://thehorticult.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/RVSD-January_February-2014.pdf” height=”500px” save=”1″ cache=”0″]