Hot Pots: We’re in the April Issue of ‘Better Homes & Gardens’—Out Now!

Photos by Ryan Benoit

Sometimes, being on the other side of the camera is a trip.

Better Homes & Gardens magazine approached us to see if we might be interested in being featured in their “I Did It” section. The only thing: the shoot and the interview would have to happen soon. So back in January, days after I got back from graduation, Ryan and I were photographed in our garden. There were outfit changes. A Corvette-red anthurium was planted for a pop of color. Ryan and I smized our hearts out.

We felt so rock ‘n’ roll! In the interview, we shared the secrets behind our vertical clay pot garden. (Here’s the original post.) We explained its versatility as a flowery, friendly privacy screen, a great way to get your plants at eye level — which makes you more likely to take care of them. We also shared the step-by-step DIY.

Our vertical tropical clay pot garden.

Our two-page feature is now on stands! Find the story in the magazine’s gardening-themed April issue, where we also chat about our favorite gardening trends and splurges. It’s an honor. We’re in the company of excellent plants and people like our friend Eliza Blank of The Sill, tall and border-friendly baptisia flowers, and tips for planting a glam rooftop garden.

Thank you to editor Kit Selzer for the fun, dishy story, to photographer Edmund Barr and assistant Dilean Jimenez for capturing our good sides, and to stylists Michael Walters and Bill Miller for making us (and our place) look so fly.

Look for the issue with the beautiful tomatoes on the front. Leaf through it, and tell us what you think.


Snapping a portrait for the second page of the story, the sidebar where we talk trends and desert-island dahlias.

Here’s us, kicking it in POST. From left: Ryan, Chantal, Bill Miller, Michael Walters, Edmund Barr, Dilean Jimenez.

  • TulumChica

    I am planning a privacy screen based on your project using 1/2″ threaded rod with 10″ pots (as noted at the end of your original post). As suggested in the BHG article, I purchased 4″ test plugs for the larger pots. However, the center hole in the test plugs is not 1/2″. Did you drill out the center hole or use 3/8″ rod with 10″ pots?

    • Definitely drill out to 1/2″. Make sure to secure the the plastic plugs to a scrap piece of wood with a temporary screw when drilling out the drain holes, otherwise the drill bit will want to grab the plastic. This can be dangerous if you are trying to hold down the flanges with your hands.

  • TulumChica

    Also, in the BHG article, the written instructions indicated to put the larger flange at the bottom of the pot with the smaller flange inside the pot. But the visual version and the versions on your site and the Whole Foods article show the smaller flanges at the bottom of the pot. Also, the BHG article visual seemed to show the smaller flange on the bottom with its “pockets” facing down and the smooth side toward the top. The previous post show it with pockets toward the pot with smooth side down. What is the best way to do it?

    • Use the larger flange inside the pot and smaller flange at bottom. Just noticed how this could be confusing in step 3. Good luck. For improved drainage, we recommend put orings between the pots and the flanges on each side.

  • TulumChica


  • Tommy Ogren

    Wow, you’ve made it into BHG! How cool, and also, how well deserved. I hope you make it in there many more times.