New ways to hang your everyday containers: Watch our free webinar for Garden Gate’s Grow Better Garden Summit

It’s always been our mission to help you grow more plants in your space, no matter how big or small it may be. So when Garden Gate magazine asked us to participate in this year’s Grow Better Garden Summit, we jumped at the chance to show you a couple new ways to vertical garden that we’ve been working on here in The Horticult Garden for the past few years.

The first method is straight from one of the chapters in our book, How to Window Box. The Danglers is a hoya-filled window box arrangement best suited for hanging indoors in front of an east-facing window or from a shady outdoor eave.

Three and a half years after planting, it’s still rockin. We took our own advice; it’s hanging from an east-facing outdoor eave and it’s dangling in front of a window where we can enjoy it indoors too.

The second method is brought to you by our sister brand, SkyPots — now readily available in its first spring gardening season! Never has there been an easier way to hang and connect your everyday clay pots. We show you just how easy it is twenty minutes into our webinar.

Our little book is packed with sixteen DIY window box projects including how to hang a window box from your ceiling or eave.

In the second half of the webinar we show you how to assemble a SkyPots hanging kits around your everyday clay pots.

Plus we take you on a brief garden tour showing the state of some of the window boxes that we planted in 2017 for the book. We obviously didn’t plant the window boxes just for the book — we were in it for the long haul. And BTW, the La Jolla garden has been pleasantly overtaken by SkyPots. We’ve now got over 92 SkyPots in the garden (counted them today!). We’ve even got SkyPots arrangements hanging from ropes on pulleys from the magnificent guava tree.

Look at The Danglers now! Dazzling below an east-facing eave. Maybe a bit too much sun (wax plants turn yellow when exposed to too much sun). Coming soon, a shade cloth.

Here’s the trailing succulent box that didn’t make the book. (Because…we submitted it to our editor past the deadline.) But here it is now in all its glory. We love guessing which succulent will win the race to the ground.

The garden tour takes us back to the citrus room where the book’s cover box, the Sunny Succulents, is still growing!

There are twelve more reasons to register for the 2021 Grow Better Summit. Learn about monarchs and milkweeds with Garden Gate‘s editor-in-chief, James Baggett, or venture into the world of grow bag gardening with our friend Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening. Start Growing Dahlias for Late-Summer Star Power with Erin Schanen and Make Your Cut Flower Garden Everlasting with Megh Wingenfeld. There’s even a webinar to teach you about growing carnivorous plants with Dylan Sheng (btw, we also have a chapter our book about growing a carnivorous window box). And lots more to get you hyped for spring. Just visit the garden summit’s landing page here and register for free. You’ll receive a link, which is your ticket to this free event.

Happy spring!

We pot up an elephant food plant in a 13-inch SkyPots hanging kit.

A SkyPots Two Pack fully assembled and planted!