Meet the New Perfume for Plant Geeks!

Here’s one thing we’ve learned since launching this little gardening gazette: There are only so many synonyms for flowers. Blooms, blossoms, the species name, yes. Inflorescence is another wonderful term we like to throw around, especially when we’re referring to some petalled shocker sent out by a succulent. We love the word’s onomatopoeic intensity — “inflorescence” sounds like a flower flinging itself open.

Stockholm-based perfume company Byredo also digs it. Its new scent Inflorescence “is an Arcadian stroll through untamed bowers of full-blown, rambling roses, interspersed by the intoxicating, honeyed notes of pink freesias in their prime,” according to its notes. Other ingredients include magnolia, lily of the valley and jasmine.

Wherever Byredo’s taking us, we’re along for the ride. The company is known for its cerebral, plant-centric approach to its juices; its fragranced candle Apocalyptic includes notes of rare black raspberry from Oregon at play with oakmoss and “smoldering birch” to evoke “primordial forests.”

Mostly, we appreciate the opportunity to carry our garden’s spring blooms around with us, even when we’re far from home.